Benefits of Payment Plan
  • No more checks to write.
  • No more stamps to buy.
  • No more running to the Post Office to mail the payment.
  • No more worries of the payment getting lost in the mail.
Are you eligible for the payment plan?

All Real Estate Taxpayers are eligible to use the installment plan as long as you have a checking or savings account.

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Plan Options
  1. Real Estate Total Tax Amount:
    • Discount until 8/31/17
    • Face until 10/31/17
    • Penalty until 12/31/17
  2. Real Estate Installment Payments will be deducted on 8/31/17, 9/30/17, and 10/31/17
Bank Account Information
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Authorization Agreement for Prearranged Payments

By hitting "Submit", I hereby authorize my financial institution and Towanda Area School District to charge the account specified above for tax payments as designated. I agree that each charge to my account shall be the same as if I had signed a check to pay my tax bill. This authority will only remain in effect until for the payment(s) specified above. I have the right to stop payment of a charge by notifying my financial institution before the stated due date. I understand that both the financial institution and Towanda Area School District reserve the right to terminate this payment plan and/or my participation therein. Failure to notify Towanda Area School District of closing my bank account or to maintain sufficient funds will result in additional service charges.